Gallery 9 is pleased to welcome back Tim Price for a solo exhibition of recent paintings.

Price is an artist who comfortably oscillates between numerous painting styles. Whether he is directing historical or political narratives with realist filmic sensibilities or leading less anatomically proportioned characters through exotic fantastical landscapes with absurd gestures and actions, the audience is invited to share the artist’s thoughtful yet jovial observations of the human experience. For the most part, the viewer is given abundant real-world signifiers to relate the work but for this exhibition we are presented with an increasingly abstract pictorial language. Distinctly Price’s palette and surface, the works vary from abstract figurative to entirely expressionist in their development based on intuition.

As ever, Price’s works have been titled according to a penchant for the absurd but titles such as yeah I always felt, what I always felt set the stage for the likely conversation exchanged by the work’s subjects and carry significance in developing narrative. Others like outdone the name suggest the lively composition and heavily worked surface have simply gone beyond the expectations of the underpainting’s previous title… more suggestive than explanatory.

Price completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at the Australian National University in 2007 and is a current PhD candidate there. He has been exhibiting in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart since 2007 and is currently living and working in Hobart, Tasmania. Recent exhibitions by the artist have taken place at Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney, and Gallery 9, Sydney.