Before commencing the works in The Beautiful Corner, in 2013 Melbourne-based artist Samara Adamson-Pinczewski travelled to the USA to undertake the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Residency Program in New Berlin, New York.  It was during her time as artist in residence that Adamson-Pinczewski had an opportunity to experiment with a virtually unlimited array of the paints produced by Golden Artist Colors.

This exhibition comprises a new series of geometric abstract paintings in which Adamson-Pinczewski has refined some of the experiments with colour to achieve scintillating colour effects and delicately subtle surfaces. The Beautiful Corner explores relationships between geometric abstract painting, architecture and urban space, with a focus on innovative uses of reflective paint materials to create ambiguous pictorial spatial readings.

The exhibition’s title references Kazimir Malevich’s symbolic placement of the Black Square (1915), across the corner of the room, and close to the ceiling, during his revolutionary show The Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings 0.10 (1915). Domestic Russian Orthodox icons are traditionally hung in this ultimate position, also known as the ‘beautiful corner’ or ‘red corner’. In contrast to Malevich’s spiritual beliefs, Adamson-Pinczewski’s abstract compositions are derived from the physical world, specifically modern architecture and contemporary urban spaces, as well as studio-based painting installations. In the artist’s words:

“I focus on using fragmented architectonic motifs and oblique linear structures to create the illusion of fracture, sudden movement and turbulence. The diagonal planes in my paintings are designed to appear vertiginous and weightless, and to simultaneously project forwards and backwards in deep perspectival space.” Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, September 2014

Adamson-Pinczewski holds a BFA (Hons.) and Master of Fine Arts (research) and in 2013 was awarded her PhD from RMIT University, Melbourne. Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions in Melbourne since 2000 and The Beautiful Corner marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in Sydney. Her work has also been shown in prize and group shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Berlin, New York and Taipei and has been collected in Australia and the USA.