1–25 JUNE 2016

Robin Hungerford presents an exhibition of sculpture and painting based upon competing theories of human consciousness, ancient philosophy, a history of monopoly capitalism and the phantasmagoria of early animated film. With comic humour he ruminates upon the ironic nature of the modern epoch in which, despite unprecedented access to information, the individual may be left with an experience of bewildered ambivalence rather than one of acute clarity.

Perhaps the great dark comedy of our times is that, either unintended or by design, there is always a considerable degree of cross-contamination between our desire for a pure aseptic truth and our illogical organic selves. But this thought alone cannot do justice to a situation which becomes one of baroque complexity once we append the numerous layers of corporate and political agenda, the bedazzling adornments of endless spectacle and the exponentially expanding garbage heaps of obsolescence. Given such a situation, in which reason itself may be the captor in our unaddressed Stockholm Syndromes, what use is an artist except to provide a clumsy impression or caricature; our cartoon selves adhering to some ill-defined rules of cartoon physics floating among the malleable fluidity of contemporary mental life.
– Robin Hungerford

Robin Hungerford is a Sydney based artist who works across the fields of video, sculpture and performance. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Western Sydney and Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts. Hungerford is interested in ideas related to an understanding of the human condition; subjects of science, technology and mysticism are explored, subverted and reconfigured in unique and often comic forms in an attempt to highlight the hidden and paradoxical elements of existence. His work has been exhibited in venues across Australia including The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; The Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; The Campbelltown Arts Centre and the NextWave Festival. The Animating Force is his third exhibition with Gallery 9.