4–21 DECEMBER 2013

The title of this exhibition, Hello Ritual! is the artist’s acknowledgement of a recurring, enduring tendency to make, then systematically erase much of his creation before ever considering the work to be completed. Describing his creative process as ritualistic, Williams implies that there is more work vested in the repetition of forming and re-forming than there is in the completion of a work, finished for exhibition. Presented in this show, Williams has constructed what appear like palettes, to celebrate the act of painting as both an art form and as works of art, as well as noticeably hand-built ceramics, whose forms celebrate the labours and experiments which bore them.

Amongst the new developments in Hello Ritual! is the obvious influence his recent interaction forming clay has had upon his painting. Paint is built-up, sculptural and more tactile even than his well-enjoyed paintings of ice cream and Fudge. Similarly, coiling, pinching, kneading and processes of under-glazing have made their mark upon the new paintings. While Williams has always combined oil paint and other materials to fashion objects, the sudden introduction of terracotta has disrupted the continual rhythm of previous exhibitions with a distinctly separate element present. The inclusion of its earnest, earthen appearance is both an homage to 90s suburban backyard pottery as well a salute to the majesty of its consistent use in art traditions since antiquity. Both the ceramic and painted works are inseparable from each other in this exhibition because they informed each other’s creation and further explored Williams desire to present the act of creation as ‘work of art’.

Paul Williams (b. 1977) lives and works in Sydney. In 2007, he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons. Class 1) at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW and was awarded the prestigious University Medal, before completing a Master of Fine Arts there in 2011. He has staged solo exhibitions at artist run spaces MOP Projects, Firstdraft and Kudos Gallery as well as at the Ray Hughes Gallery and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. He has been in curated shows across Sydney and in 2014, will feature in the forthcoming SafARI. Williams has undertaken residencies at Hill End, ILIRI Fowlers Gap Research Station, The Bundanon Tust, BigCi, Ceramic Design Studio (Sydney Institute) and the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris and is currently a co-director of Firstdraft. He has several works in Artbank’s collection and in private collections around Australia.