18 FEBRUARY – 14 MARCH 2015

Gallery 9 is pleased to present a new site-specific project, Discussion Modelby Michael G. F. Prior.

Prior devises strategies of fabrication, organisation and mechanisation to make temporal arrangements with sculpture. Applying aleatoric method to a physical manifold (objects, the body in space, sound generators), he initiates self-developing compositions. The key elements are sound, light and motion.

“I’m interested in the physical and mental effects that manifest through the interplay of these elements, the base emotional response. The materials I use are chosen for practical reasons – for their ability to create rhythmic shapes and sounds. I use their form as a conduit to compose movement, resonance, refraction and distortion.”

Priors’ installations are made from an organisation of interchangeable pieces that make up the whole. He believes he piece posses a pseudo personality; an individual thing that it does. When these pieces are set in motion they play off each other in various ways – sometimes by design, sometimes not. The nature of this interplay evolves over time: as the viewer switches focus, the behaviour of the mechanisms change, or both. Describing his work, Prior alludes to conversations around a dining table, characters in a play, instruments in an ensemble, or furniture in a room: “The greater narrative grows out of these elements reacting to each other”.

Born in Sydney in 1977, Prior lives and works in Melbourne. He graduated with a BA (Hons Class 1) in Media Arts in 2005 and with a BFA in 2008 from RMIT. In 2014 he exhibited at the Heide Museum of Modern Art, West Space and the Incinerator Art Gallery where he won the Art for Social Change award for work in keeping with the ideals of Marion Mahoney Griffin and Walter Burley Griffin. He has previously exhibited at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, MONA FOMA (Hobart), the National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung, Taiwan. In 2011 Prior undertook a performance tour of the USA with Lachlan Conn as Chronox, an ongoing collaboration that includes installation, performance and published works. In 2015 Michael will exhibit at the Walker St. Gallery in Dandenong, Victoria and create a series of weather driven outdoor works for the Nepean School in Seaford, Victoria.