3–20 DECEMBER 2014

Gallery 9 is proud to present an exhibition of recent work by London and Vienna based artist Marita Fraser.

Fraser’s practice is concerned with the exploration of representation, reproduction, abstraction, materiality and the processes of art production. Her recent work has examined notions of the diagram, using this as a frame to examine how painting can sit between abstraction and representation.

Fraser’s work deploys a means of rehearsal within its making, hybrid forms of materials, modern draperies, displayed in variegated configurations. Materials are often seen in multiple manifestations, on consecutive occasions, reissued, reattributed and renegotiated.

Painting is often unpacked into three-dimensional works with wooden frames and fabrics, referencing the traditional support systems of wooden structures with stretched fabric. These frames simultaneously act as dividers, physically framing her installations, as proposals in and for space.  Formal diagrammatic structures and repetition within fabric design are referenced as structuring systems for creating images and spatial arrangements of objects.

Sitting within the diagrammatic framework, Fraser’s collage works are populated by insertions of black material over bookplate images, both figurative and non-figurative. In Fraser’s work there appears a conflation in visual language, a practice of willing repetition or reoccurring forms with a haptic body circling, amongst geometric shapes.

Fraser graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with first class Honours in 2005 and continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Art, Vienna (2006-2010). She has exhibited extensively across Australia and Europe. Currently based in London and Vienna, Fraser has held solo shows with James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney; Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna, and Engen Stadt Museum, Germany, as well as participating in group shows in London, Manchester, Sydney, Perth, Vienna, Eindhoven, Linz, Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin and Frankfurt.