8 APRIL – 2 MAY 2015

Light and edge doesn’t seem to be much to work with, and yet, these are the basic ingredients with which we construct our complex visual world. Issues of changing luminosity, the visual function of edge, the movement between light and dark and the structure of space have been the subject matter of over a decade of my explorations as a painter. Magda Cebokli, February 2015

Within this analysis of visual experience, Magda Cebokli works with small differences, simplified form, repetition and a restricted palette. Reduction to the essential remains an aim. For Cebokli, points of ambiguity are of interest: how the hard edge becomes the soft boundary, the straight line a curved space, the square becomes lost to the circle. In some works the exploration of luminosity and space is paired with the examination of the relationship between structure and uncertainty – the co-existence of order and chance that governs the universe we live in.

Issues of abstraction in art and its relationship to abstraction in other disciplines, the development and testing of ideas over a series, how a visual text is built up, these are additional subtexts that inform Cebokli’s work. This exhibition, The Lie of Light, further extends the artist’s interest in geometric, abstract painting and how it works as a tool to extend our understanding of what and how we see.

Born in Slovenia, Magda Cebokli has lived in Australia since childhood. Prior to becoming an artist, she worked as a psychologist in both the research and clinical fields. Her interest in inner process and in the way meaning is constructed connects this past career with her current artistic practice.

From 1988 to 1994 Cebokli lived in New York and Hong Kong where she started her art studies at the State University of New York, later the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Since returning to Australia she completed a BA (Hons.) in Fine Arts and in 2001, a Master of Arts by research in painting at RMIT in Victoria. She was awarded the inaugural Siemens Art Prize in 2000 and has been shortlisted for a number of other prizes since, including runner up award for the newly established MCollection Prize in 2014.

Working full time from her studio in Brunswick, Melbourne, Cebokli exhibits regularly and extensively in both solo and group exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions include, Light Lines (2014) at Langford 120 and Drawn Out (2013) at Counihan Gallery, both in Melbourne and Corner Suite at Factory 49 (2012) in Sydney.