4–28 MAY 2016

Lynne Eastaway presents a new series of works on paper that has evolved out of an extended process of painting, folding, tracing and collaging. An interest in the ritual of flag folding led Eastaway to experiment with folding her own canvas paintings into soft sculptures. These sculptural shapes were then mapped out on the floor, traced and converted into paintings on paper. Eastaway collages some of these paintings to form larger pieces, showing the fragile seams between the paper; the outcome resembles both a painting and a flag of patched together fabric, and suggestively returns the work to its original starting point. Eastaway employs an instinctive relationship in the making of an object, allowing for an open and circular material process that arrives at unthought of compositions.

Folding became a way out and a way in to solving the dilemma of ‘where to now?’. It followed my predilection for constructed, deconstructed and restructured compositions. Pushing towards real space and sculptural forms has extended my practice of installing a range of works in conversation with one another.
– Lynne Eastaway

Lynne Eastaway studied at The National Art School before completing her Master of Fine Art (Research) at UNSW. Having first exhibited with Sydney’s historically renowned Gallery A, Eastaway has held solo exhibitions across Australia since 1978. She has recently shown in group exhibitions in America and Europe and at Sydney Non Objective and Factory 49, Sydney. Out of the Fold is her second solo exhibition with Gallery 9. Eastaway is included in private and corporate collections as well as the Curtain University and Wollongong University collections, Artbank and the National Gallery of Victoria.