4–21 MAR 2009

Image 1 and 2 Horrologue 2009
video still (2.6 mins)

2008/9, paper, textiles, wire, mixed media dimensions variable

Jade Pegler’s second solo exhibition at Gallery 9, follows her magnificent installation ‘The Demonstrables’ at the Wollongong City Gallery in 2008, where she was the 2007/8 artist in residence.

Born and educated in Wollongong, Jade studied art initially at West Wollongong TAFE in 1996 and 1999, then undertook a visual arts course at the University of Wollongong (2001-3). She has exhibited regularly since 2004, including solo shows in Wollongong (2004, 5 and 8) as well as Sydney (2007 and 9), and numerous group shows including several Peter Fay curated exhibitions (Bloodlines: Art and the Horse at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, 2007 and If It’s Painting, It Must Be German at Silvershot, Melbourne, 2006).

‘As I entered the exhibition I was not prepared for the extraordinary leap that Jade had made. For there was movement, and the shapes had been invested with an internal dynamic. They were contesting a possibility of life (just) or evidencing a last gasp or drag of limb, torso or form towards cessation. In literary terms it felt we were being transported to somewhere in Dante’s Circles of Hell; or to the world of Saramago where no one would/could die; to Beck- ett’s world outside of Hamm’s room. But it was from Yeats’s The Second Coming that I took as my guide to the world we had entered. Even the balcony spaces of the main gallery had become areas of contested space. Surely here a ‘ceremony of innocence’ had gone terribly wrong. The gazes of the figures were blank. All movement was slow and vexed – and the nightmare cradles had spilled their contents onto the ground. At best, to slouch.’

Making here an everywhere: Jade Pegler’s The Demonstrables, Peter Fay article in Art Monthly Australia, pg.57-58
Issue #216, Dec 2008 – Feb 2009.