andrzej zielinski

Andrzej Zielinski’s vivid paintings depict everyday electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, ATM machines and paper shredders. Painted with thick gestural paint in bright confectionary colours, these works comment on the ever expanding reverence contemporary society has for technology and information. Zielinski seeks to update painting by using 21st century acrylics, gels and mediums and his unique painting style means each scrape of the palatte knife simultaneously suggests description, abstraction and bas-relief.

Recently, Zielinski made a logical progression into three-dimensional work, creating sculptures out of a dazzling range of materials including bronze, agate, opal, perspex and wood. Through textural contrasts, sculptural ingenuity and riotous painted colour, Zielinski invests vitality into these inert substances. With sardonic titles such as Cluster Analysing and Secure Encryption, Zielinski asks questions about the role of technology in our lives: both its effects on our environment, and the ways in which it has modified our engagement with the senses and the imagination. As Eleanor Zeichner suggests in the October 2016 issue of Art Almanac: ‘his work makes the case for a pause in progress, in favour of a version of the world more idiosyncratic than innovative, more fantastical than functional.’

Andrzej Zielinski trained at Yale University and the School of Art Institute of Chicago. He has held solo shows across the United States as well as in Europe, Japan and Australia. In 2015 the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City staged his first survey exhibition, Open Sourced, with an accompanying monograph and essay by art critic for The Nation Barry Schwabsky. Zielinski is a three-time artist in residence at the School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra. 

Zielinski is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia; Canberra Museum and Gallery; Portland Art Museum, Oregon; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas and the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Missouri. 


selected works

Convalescing??? 2016
Australian arkose sandstone, West Australian Variscite, perspex, encaustic and acrylic paint
61 × 50 × 28 cm

Paused printer 2012
encaustic, paint, paper, lithograph on panel
79 × 84 cm (framed)

Data Recovery? 2016
Australian sandstone, agate, zebra rock, West Australian variscite, river red gum wood, plywood, copper, acrylic and encaustic paint
78 × 66 × 33 cm

Screen Saver 2015
lithograph on Rives BFK
83 × 71 cm (framed)

Frequency Hopping? 2016
bronze, agate, enamel paint, primordial stone from the East Kimberly region
23.5 × 22 × 19 cm

ANDRZEJ ZIELINSKI  Sleeved Laptop  2015 lithograph on Arches buff 79 × 63 cm (framed)

Sleeved Laptop 2015
lithograph on Arches buff
79 × 63 cm (framed)



The Nerman Museum in Kansas City presents  ANDRZEJ ZIELINSKI'S  first solo museum exhibition:  Andrzej Zielinski: Open Sourced , 15 Oct 2015 – 20 March 2016

The Nerman Museum in Kansas City presents ANDRZEJ ZIELINSKI'S first solo museum exhibition: Andrzej Zielinski: Open Sourced, 15 Oct 2015 – 20 March 2016