24 JAN – 17 FEB 2018

Posture Carriages 2016
single channel HD colour video, 35.57 minutes, sound
performed by Kate Meakin

Working with people in group or individual performances I engage with how emotional information is exchanged between people. In this work unscripted monologues are transmitted between artist Kate Meakin and the camera-as-audience. Taken by the sense that an emotional transmission can occur for the performer via an internalized image of a narrative or persona, together we devised multiple women characters for Kate to transmit information through. Kate is someone I could imagine, but my imagination is shaped by the real Kate who is necessarily shaped by the imagined (she shapes us, we shape her).

 ~ Adelle Mills

Adelle Mills is an artist who considers language in its broadest sense, as verbal, bodily or visual systems of communication. In her performance videos the actors, rather than being directed, are asked to participate in a chain of interpretations. Oblique sets of (textual, verbal) instructions are read aloud so an actor can interpret them through movement. Instructions take to poetry and can be read: a suite of signals or steps are met through movements that carry the participants across a series of un or pre-authored steps. Adelle is especially interested in how agency can be ascribed to each participant when her instructions require a physical interpretation or cognitive response.

Born in 1987, Adelle Mills holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Victorian College of Arts and is a current PHD candidate at Monash School of Art, Monash University. Between 2015–17 Mills was a Gertrude Contemporary studio artist, where she first exhibited Posture Carriages at the Gertrude Glasshouse in 2017. Recent group exhibitions include Primavera: Young Australian Artists, MCA, Sydney (2016), Transmissions: Legacies of the Television Age, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2015) and NEW15, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2015). Adelle is a recipient of the Marten Bequest for sculpture (2015) and was a 2013 recipient of the ArtStart grant from the Australia Council. In 2017 she was profiled in Australiana to Zeitgeist, an A-Z list of Australian contemporary artists compiled by Melissa Loughnan and published by Thames and Hudson.