Simon Blau: Fold Up 2011

Simon Blau’s new exhibition at Gallery 9 explores the nature of painting and abstraction. Blau explains: “The work is essentially about the stages in the life of a painting. How it unfolds or re-folds at various points in its development in relation to the time and placement of the viewer”

Drawing upon the history of painting, and abstract painting in particular, Simon Blau’s work tackles notions about the art object – the nature of its existence and ideas concerning materiality and immateriality. Paintings are tangible and physical: they have colours, sides and flat surfaces yet in this exhibition the works can be changed. Panels can be folded up or out revealing different colours and creating different shapes on the wall. This fluidity of form and shape is an integral part of the work. That it can be transformed according to the wishes of the viewer, provides an additional interactive aspect.

Simon Blau: Fold Up Gallery 9 27 January – 19 February 2011