John Aslanidis: Sonic Network no. 13, 20 Mar – 13 Apr 2013

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Sonic Network no. 13: painting + sound installation (collaboration with Brian May)

Exhibition: 20 March – 13 April 2013

Art Month Event: John Aslanidis and Brian May in conversation – Saturday, 23 March 3pm

Gallery 9 is excited to welcome Melbourne based artist John Aslanidis back to Sydney for an exhibition of new work along side of his latest collaboration with Berlin based sound artist Brian May, Sonic Network no. 13.

[LEFT] Sonic Network no. 13 2013
oil and acrylic on canvas
244 x 305 cm

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In the creation of Aslanidis’ Sonic Network series, the artist uses sets of mathematical (algorithmic) intervals to structure the paintings’ compositions. These are relative to a symmetrical grid on each of the four panels which make up the whole. For these collaborations May considers the structural and compositional elements of Aslanidis’ paintings and emulates Aslanidis’ processes by responding to the moiré (wave-like) patterns. Furthermore he demonstrates the multiple sine waves’ interactions via audio interference. To interpret these sine waves May adapts a tonal range to represent the circular forms, geometric shapes, reverberating patterns and colours inherent to the paintings. Order and chaos are present in both the sound piece and the painting and the result is one of synergy between the analogue and digital mediums. Aslanidis explains his intention “is to create imagery with a sonic resonance where there is no start or end point. They capture a fragment of infinity and represent a sense of a perpetual change.”

John Aslanidis has collaborated with Brian May recently on a number of exhibitions: Sonic Network no. 8 at Melbourne arts centre The Substation (Nov, 2012), Sonic Network no. 9 at dr Julius–ap in Berlin (Oct 2011), at White Box in New York City (Mar 2012) and also at Kunsthalle Beacon (NY). Also in the USA in 2012, Aslanidis participated in an exhibition Emergence and Structure touring Pennsylvania and Florida. In the lead up to this exhibition Aslanidis has also recently completed a large scale painting commissioned by the Arts Centre Melbourne, Sonic Network no. 11 (2012) for Hamer Hall.

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