David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton: Mostly Agree, Stills Gallery

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Stills Gallery Director, Bronwyn Rennex and curator, Josaphine Skinner’s latest exhibition Mostly Agree features, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton’s Consolidated Life. The curatorial rationale is an outside-the-box critique of corporate life and the commonly accepted GFC-aftermarth norms therein. In the words of the curators:

“That humans are well programmed to be but small cogs in a big machine, is alluded to in David Lawrey & Jacki Middleton Consolidated Life, which uses the smoke and mirrors of old school optical illusion to create a seemingly endless corporate office, a scene which has reappeared in films throughout the last century. This infinite mundanity, a visual oxymoron, is interrupted only by the revolutions of a single, ghostly chair and an eerie interpretation of background ‘musak’ that implies impending doom.”

Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell Street Paddington

Exhibition: 20 June to 21 July 2012
Artist Talk: Saturday 7 July 3pm