Julian Hooper: Ocula Insight interview

Julian Hooper is interviewed for Ocula.com. In this Ocula Insight interview Hooper explains his process and themes associated with his new exhibition at Gallery 9, Lazy Racer.

“Rather than seeking out specific material, I find stuff through a process of trawling through books and the Internet. Often I will process this material into quick line drawings to become familiar with the material, and to refer to when I’m painting. The initial source of imagery could be anywhere and I value the access that we have, yet my motivations are to make paintings that evoke something familiar and personal. Regional painting in the digital age.”


Julian Hooper: Slow Worlds, Strange Neighbour

Curated by Andrew Gaynor, Slow Worlds at Strange Neighbour in Fitzroy will feature 2 works by Julian Hooper, alongside works by Suzie Idiens (Gallery 9), Susan Jacobs, Emma Langridge, Trevor Vickers and Karl Wiebke.

The artists in Slow Worlds all utilise abstraction in their practice and most reject any inclusion of narrative. Their artworks are visually charged sites, places where the viewer’s world may just slow, slow, slow down thus allowing a zone of pure contemplation to exist. Unlike meditation, their aim is not to empty the mind of thought; rather, it is to allow for the possibility of fresh and vivid insights to roam free.

In a recent essay, curator Andrew Gaynor wrote: ‘We now live in an epoch ruled by the overloaded absorption of rapidly presented digital imagery rendered fleetingly on screens or in print. This same reality is now repeated with art. Time-poor, audiences merely scan thereby refusing the opportunity to really look.’

Stranger Neighbour 395 – 397 Gore Street, Fitzroy VIC 6 June – 5 July 2014

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