Adam Norton

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Adam Norton takes science and technology and the associated belief and power structures as the starting point for much of his work. Through humour and displacement Norton has explored UFOs, nuclear technology and the industrial complex. Norton’s art reflects his increasing disbelief, amazement and sometimes dismay at the world around him. Norton’s artistic practice spans a variety of media, including painting, artist books, installation and performance.

Born in 1964, Adam Norton lives and works in Sydney. He has shown extensively in Australia, as well as the UK, the Netherlands and the USA and has been involved in interesting public art commissions such as his project with City of Sydney where he launched a fleet of tanks on an un-suspecting population in the centre of Sydney in 2008.

In April 2011 Adam Norton presented a new large scale performance work Mars Gravity Simulator for the group exhibition ʻAwfully Wonderful: Science Fiction in Contemporary Artʼ, at Performance Space, Sydney. Based on the Apollo lunar simulators of the 1960ʼs where astronauts were suspended parallel to the Earth by cables and a series of harnesses the object of the Mars Gravity Simulator was to test spacesuits and allow astronauts to practise manoeuvres in reduced gravity circumstances. Constructed for the exhibition, Norton made a number of ” test space walks” during the exhibition.

Norton’s work is held in institutional and private collections, including Artbank, University of New South Wales and Oxford University and Griffith University, Brisbane.

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